Configuring Desktops for the NEW Office 365 Blogs: The following post will document how to setup a Windows 8 desktop for a cloud user for Office 365. I have already installed Windows 8 and created the local account for my test user. I have logged into the Office 365 portal and had the user change his password. The password for Office 365 and the password for the desktop are the same.


  1. Login to the desktop


  2. Click Desktop tile


  3. Open Internet Explorer



  5. Login with the user account


  6. Click the gear icon


  7. Click Office 365 Settings


  8. Click Software



Install Office


  1. Select 32-bit or 64-bit installation of Office


  2. Click Install


  3. Click run on the Office installer


  4. Click Yes to the UAC


  5. The installer will start to run


  6. Minimize Internet Explorer (but keep the page open)


  7. Click Next


  8. Accept or Deny the Office improvement


  9. Click Sign in


  10. Enter your Office365 Email account


  11. Click Next


  12. Click Organizational Account


  13. Enter your Office 365 password


  14. Click Sign in


  15. Click Next


  16. Select a look for Office


  17. Click Next


  18. The Office installation will finish up


  19. Completed


Setup Outlook


  1. Navigate back to the start screen


  2. Click Outlook 2013


  3. Click Next to add your email account


  4. Yes (default)


  5. Click Next


  6. Enter your Name, Office 365 email address and password


  7. Click Next


  8. Verify that you get three green checks and you are all setup


  9. Click Finish


  10. Outlook will launch and download any email that you have


Setup Lync


  1. Navigate back to the start screen


  2. Click Lync 2013


  3. Enter you SIP address (same as email address)


  4. Click Sign In


  5. Sign in completed

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