13+ Reasons You Should Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 – Part 2

www.office.com/setup Blogs: Continued Article. Part 2 of 13+ reasons you should upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016

Better Forecasting of Time Series Data

From linear forecasting available in earlier versions, Excel 2016 gets a one-click button for exponential forecasting of a data series. Go to Ribbon > Data > Forecast Sheet.

Forecast with Excel 2016 - www.office.com/setup Blogs

Exponential smoothening of your data could be better for approximating trends when compared to linear regression.

Cool Geospatial Visualizations with 3D Power Maps

The Power Map tool is now called 3D Maps and built into Excel 2016. Use it as an advanced business intelligence tool by visualizing any geospatial data that you have already brought into Excel with Power Query and combined with Power Pivot.

Excel 2016 - 3D Map - www.office.com/setup Blogs

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Record Your Screen with PowerPoint

Seamlessly record any process on your screen with a new screencasting tool in PowerPoint. Go to Ribbon > Insert > Screen recording. Capture the part of your screen with audio and insert it directly into your presentation in a one-click process.

Screen recording with PowerPoint 2016 - www.office.com/setup Blogs

You can stylize it with the many video style presets. Crop the video to the size you want. PowerPoint also allows you to save the video file on your desktop for use outside the suite.

Share Better with Conflict Resolution

This is a neat feature which helps you avoid conflicts by observing the changes made by each collaborator – thanks to a side-by-side visual comparison. Choose the slide with the changes you would like to keep.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

Read Important Emails First

A smart email management feature learns your inbox behavior and removes low-priority messages to a special folder called Clutter. You can also sort them manually and review them later. Clutter needs an Office 365 subscription to work with Office 2016.

Move to Clutter - www.office.com/setup Blogs

Quicker File Attachment

Email workflow is accelerated when attaching files just works. Outlook 2016 makes it easier to attach recently opened files from the menu.

Microsoft Office Outlook Attachment - www.office.com/setup Blogs

You can also set file permissions on the attached files. Share them as View only or allow edits so that recipients can work together on shared cloud files on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint. By default, recipients have permissions to edit.

The Best Reason to Upgrade — Work Anywhere and Anytime

Microsoft has made smart and subtle changes with Office 2016. It is not a radical makeover from the previous version. For casual users, older versions will do the job as well as before because a standalone purchase of the desktop suite could be a wasteful spend.

When you work in a team then upgrading to Office 2016 makes better sense.

From an individual productivity tool, Office 2016 has planted a solid foot in the cloud and collaboration arena. Simpler document sharing and co-authoring could alone change your idea of productivity. Co-authoring is now a feature of the desktop apps – linked Office apps, Office Online, and Office 365 turns it into an on the go productivity hub.

Office 2016 Collaboration - www.office.com/setup Blogs

For teams, the best deal could be an Office 365 subscription which gives you the desktop, mobile, and cloud bundle. But you have to be cloud and mobile ready to take advantage of the new enhancements. With the subscription model, you will benefit from the automatic future updates that will roll in. There are lots of updates to look forward to.

New updates like GigJam could be pushed out in the near future. Then, there are some other features I haven’t covered like Outlook Groups which is available with an Office 365 work or school account. Or Skype for Business which is useful for group chats.

Where do you see yourself in the Windows universe? Working on one PC or working on multiple devices? Working alone or working with a team? For the latter, Microsoft has given you sufficient reasons to upgrade. Will you? Tell us.

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